Shahira Fahmy

Keynote on visual framing within photographs

Shahira FahmyShahira Fahmy is an associate professor at the School of Journalism at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Her main research interests are the areas of international reporting and visual journalism, particularly with a focus on war and conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa. Besides her practical expertise from having worked in the news and broadcast industries in Egypt and Italy for five years, she has published several widely cited articles on visual framing with an international focus in peer-reviewed journals. Shahira Fahmy is the current associate editor for Mass Communication & Society and has been a guest editor as well as on the board of several academic journals.


Selected publications on visual framing:

  • Neumann, R., & Fahmy, S. (2012). Analyzing the spell of war: A war/peace framing analysis of the 2009 visual coverage of the Sri Lankan civil war in Western newswires. Mass Communication & Society, 15(2), 169-200.
  • Fahmy, S., & Neumann, R. (2012). Shooting war or peace photographs? An examination of newswires’ coverage of the conflict in Gaza (2008-2009). The American Behavioral Scientist,  56(2),1-26.
  • Huang, Y., & Fahmy, S. (2011). Same events, two stories: Comparing the photographic coverage of the 2008 Anti-China/Olympics demonstrations in Chinese and U.S. newspapers. International Communication Gazette, 73(8), 732-752.