Katy Parry

Keynote on visual framing within multimodal contexts

Katy ParryKaty Parry is a lecturer at the Institute of Communication Studies at the University of Leeds, UK. Her research interests include visual communication and photojournalism with a particular focus on visual research methods as well as political communication and war and the media. She has recently published several articles on visual framing in the context of war and conflict in peer-reviewed journals.




Selected publications on visual framing:

  • Parry, K. J. (2012). “The First ‘Clean’ War? Visually Framing Civilian Casualties in the British Press during the 2003 Iraq Invasion”. Journal of War and Culture Studies, 5(2), 173-188.
  • Parry, K. (2011). “Images of liberation? visual framing, humanitarianism and british press photography during the 2003 iraq invasion”. Media, Culture and Society, 33(8), 1185-1201.
  • Parry, K. J. (2010). “A visual framing analysis of British press photography during the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict”. Media, War and Conflict, 3(1), 67-85.