In order to ensure a productive and goal-oriented event, the symposium will mainly focus on three research fields of visual framing, each of which provides particular methodological challenges: visual framing within photographs (e.g. within press or news agency photographs), visual framing within multimodal contexts (e.g. within photographs accompanied by captions and/or news texts in newspaper articles or within multimodal websites), and visual framing within audiovisual material (e.g. within television news). The symposium aims to bring together established scholars with substantial expertise within these particular fields of visual framing research and academics that have already conducted content-analytical research on visual framing or are planning to do so. Therefore, (particularly young) academics will have a chance to present their research and for each of the fields, one established visual framing scholar will complement the presentations by a keynote and responses. In three thematically focused workshops, there will then be space to discuss open methodological challenges arising from the presentations. To meet these intentions, the symposium is laid out as a two-day meeting.

Day One: Keynotes and Impulse Presentations of Content-Analytical Research Projects

On the first day (Friday), there will be impulse presentations by academics who have already theoretically and/or empirically worked on the content-analytical identification of visual frames in research projects within one of the three research fields mentioned above. Presentations will briefly outline the respective research project and strongly focus on the applied methodological procedure. Presentations on each of the three research fields will be introduced by a keynote speaker outlining the respective field and its challenges, and also providing responses to the methodological input given in the presentations. All events on day one will be open to an interested broader public.

Day Two: Workshops on Methodological Challenges

On the second day (Saturday), there will be three workshops with all presenters and keynote speakers focusing on the methodological challenges that were identified within the impulse presentations on the three research fields. To prepare for the workshops, participants will be asked to answer a small set of methodological questions prior to the symposium. These statements will then be used as kick-offs for the workshops. In moderated and documented discussions, we will then aim to systematize the state of research and to find answers to open methodological questions. Workshops will be reserved for presenters and keynote speakers only to ensure a productive size of the discussion group.

As a result of the symposium, a joint publication by the participants is intended and will be financially supported. It is supposed to systemize the methodological state of the art of content-analytical visual framing research and to document the results of the workshops.

The symposium is also intended to foster an international research network on visual framing and to provide a space to arrange for joint projects, especially focusing on the methodological desiderata identified during the presentations and workshops.